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President Ma and Vice President Wu attends ECFA Service Pack Forum2013-07-09

To highlight the importance of the ECFA Service Pack, and to help the public understand the contents of the Service Pack, TWCSI held the ECFA Service Pack Forum in Taichung and Kaohsiung on July 3rd. and 4th respectively. President Ma Ying Jiu and Vice President Wu Dun Yi participated in the forum, and explain the benefits of the Service Pack to the people.

President Ma mentioned in his keynote speech that all government agencies have related policies, and are ready to help Taiwanese business. This Cross-Strait Service Pack is very helpful to the development of Taiwanese service sectors to expand their markets in China.



In Kaohsiung, Vice-President Wu also mentioned that opening up our market and alowing Chinese investors is helpful to the development of Taiwanese economy. Enhencing the mutual relationship between China and Taiwan is benefitial to the economy of both sides. 


These two forums attracted over 800 participants, indicating that the public cares about our economy, and expects our governemnt to provide more assistance to our business.