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ASR Signs 2020 G20 Digital Trade Statement2020-10-14

ASR has joined 40 international industry associations and peak bodies to encourage the leaders of G20 countries to recommit to the ongoing digital trade discussions at the WTO as well as respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The multiassociation statement signed by ASR congratulates the G20 for “a groundbreaking year for the advancement of global digital policy discussions” in 2019. The statement continues:

    Under Japan’s leadership, the G20 launched the Osaka Track to accelerate and support the ongoing digital trade discussions at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and created the concept of Data Free Flows with Trust (DFFT) in recognition of the fact that open cross-border data flows are the lifeblood of all industries, and that strong protections for privacy and cybersecurity go hand-in-hand with the transparent, non-discriminatory transfer of data across borders. G20 2020 offers governments the opportunity to advance this work towards an open, inclusive vision of the modern global economy.

The multiassociation statement recommends G20 governments prioritise the following goals in their 2020 negotiations:

  1.     Facilitate a Global Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak
  2.     Advance Global Data Free Flows with Trust (DFFT)
  3.     Promote Cross-Border Innovation and the Adoption of New Technologies
  4.     Ensure the Benefits of Technology are Realized by All

The full statement may be read here at the ASR website, and was cross-posted to the WTO website here.