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WTO chairpersons for 20202020-03-03

The WTO General Council, on 3 March 2020, noted the consensus on a slate of names of chairpersons for WTO bodies.

General Council                      H.E. Dr. David WALKER (New Zealand)

Dispute Settlement Body        H.E. Mr. Dacio CASTILLO (Honduras)

Trade Policy Review Body      H.E. Mr. Harald ASPELUND (Iceland)

Council for Trade in Goods     H.E. Mr. Mikael ANZÉN (Sweden)

Council for Trade in Services   H.E. Mr. TAN Hung Seng (Singapore)

Council for TRIPS                    H.E. Ms. Xolelwa MLUMBI-PETER (South Africa)

Committee on Trade and Development                      H.E. Mr Mohammad Qurban HAQJO (Afghanistan)

Committee on Balance-of-Payments Restrictions     H.E. Mr. Refiloe LITJOBO (Lesotho)

Committee on Budget, Finance and Administration   H.E. Mr Manuel TEEHANKEE (Philippines)

Committee on Trade and Environment                       H.E. Mr Chad BLACKMAN (Barbados)

Committee on Regional Trade Agreements               H.E. Mr. Mārtiņš KREITUS (Latvia)

Working Group on Trade, Debt and Finance              H.E. Dr. Rashidi SAID (Malaysia)

Working Group on Trade and Transfer of Technology   Mr. Stephen FEVRIER (Saint Lucia)