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New cultural creation and information software investors add to Taichung Software Park. The total investment amounted to approximately NT$ 190 million.2017-06-20


The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) convened an investment application review meeting on 25th May 2017. Six new investment applications, including Maxwin Technology Co., Ltd., Goddess Co., Ltd., Sunflower-book Co., Ltd., FCSCOM Advertising Co., Ltd., Chin Ming Precision Tools Co., Ltd., and I-Planet International Co., Ltd. were approved to invest and station in Taichung Software Park (TSP). And Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. was approved to invest and station in Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone (KEPZ); the total investment figures amounted to NT$ 190 million, which is expected to increase 100 job vacancies.

According to the EPZA, TSP had a great performance in promoting investments. Optimistic about TSP's rich resources and great potentialities area for development, new companies such as Maxwin Technology Co., Ltd. set up centers of information software, innovative R&D, cultural and creative design, and talents training. For enhancing brand values, they also combined customers' experiential services with information communication technologies and software in order to create high value-added products. This was expected to intensify industrial clustering benefits in TSP, and laid solid cornerstones for companies' further long-term development.

Contact Person: Lin, Tai-an (Chief of Investment Section of the Third Division)
Contact Number: 886-7-361-1212 ext311